The Land of Penguins

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The land of Penguins is an imaginary country where most of the citizens are penguins. Only a small part of the population do actually exist in the real world: The more important inhabitants of the capital city are part of my personal collection of stuffed plush penguins. I divide these into seven families:

The Tux Family

Image of the Tux family My favourite family is the Tux family. (Strictly speaking there are two Tux families.)
More about the Tux family ...
Back row (from left to right): Xandros, Aleader, Mr. Debian Tux, Mrs. Suse Tux
Front row: Jaques, Quantian, Ally, Mr. Konqi (the dragon), Mrs. Caldera Tux
In the photo: Mr. William Door

The Royal Family

Bank note When it comes to politics the most important family in the country is the Royal Family.
More about the Royal family ...
About the penguins' money ...
The penguin on the penguins' bank notes is King Charles XII.
Image of the Royal Family Back row (from left to right): Lady "Queen-mum" Katharina, Queen Elisabeth V., Lord "Queen-dad" George
Front row (from left to right): Peter, Prince of Penguins, Prince David, Princess Beatrice

The McHat Family

Image of the McHat Family The McHat Family are relatives of both the Tux and the Royal family: Mr. Michael McHat is the uncle of Mr. Debian Tux and Mrs. Theresa is the sister of Lady "Queen-mum" Katharina.
More about the McHat family ...
Back row: Mr. Michael Mc"Red"Hat and Mrs. Theresa
Front row: Fedora and Connectiva

Mr. Drake and his friends

Image of Mr. Drake and his friends Mr. Manfred Drake lives together with his girl-friend is Mrs. Lin Dows and his godson Klaus Norbert Peter Pix.
More about Mr. Drake and his friends ...
From left to right: Mr. Manfred Drake, Klaus-Norbert-Peter Pix, Mrs. Lin Dows.

Mrs. Slackware and her students

Image of Mrs. Slackware and her students Mrs. Slackware is a very active teacher.
More about Mrs. Slackware and her students ...
From left to right: Ares, Mrs. Slackware and Pequelin

The Dux Siblings

Image of the Dux family The three Dux girls, Gui, Apie and Ipcy Dux, are identical triplets.
More about the Dux siblings ...
From left to right: Gui, Impie, Ipcy, and Apie Dux

The Rednose Family

Image of the Rednose family The family with both the best and the worst reputation is the Rednose family.
More about the Rednose family ...
From left to right: Ed, Lady Rednose, Emacs, Vi, and Sed

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